Andreas Henning began making electronic music in the late 90’s, mostly focusing on progressive trance. In 2000, when submitting his first demo to the local record store, he got noticed by the Swedish label Digital Structures, home of Son Kite and Ticon among others. Digital Structures released Andreas first track “Safari” and that was the starting point of his progressive trance act “Shaman”. With “Shaman”, Andreas released two albums, a couple of EP’s and numerous compilation releases on record labels like Plusquam, Novatekk, Cosmophilia, Sprout and Dance n’ Dust, to name a few. He played his music around Europe and Japan before the “Shaman” project came to an end in 2007. After a couple of years on pause, Andreas began producing again in 2012, this time under the alias “A Henning”. He is now focusing on exploring other genres of electronic music to widen his musical spectrum. Although his age has increased a bit and his bpm decreased, Andreas goal is still to make music suitable for the dance floor.





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The liveset consists of two persons and is booked as "A Henning & Charlie S". For more detailed booking inquires, please send your mail to info@ahenningmusic.se.